EyeTracking, Inc. named exclusive distributor of new FOVIO eye tracker

EyeTracking Press Release cover image

Seeing Machines (AIM: SEE), a world leader in computer vision related technologies that help machines understand people by tracking and interpreting human faces and eyes, is pleased to announce the signing of EyeTracking Inc. as distributor of Seeing Machines’ latest eye-tracking platform, FOVIO. EyeTracking Inc. will have exclusive distribution rights, bundling their industry-leading suite of software and analytic tools with Seeing Machines’ world-class gaze-tracking technology platform, to the eyetracking research market.

Since 2009, EyeTracking Inc. has been a key distributor of Seeing Machines’ previous eye-tracking platform, FaceLAB. Seeing Machines’ new FOVIO product reinvents eye-tracking capability to deliver higher performance, better accuracy and simpler set up.

EyeTracking Inc., founded in 1999, continues to pioneer the eye-tracking industry with recent patents for novel techniques in analysing ‘dynamic areas of interest’ and it’s software suite, EyeWorks™, eye tracking software to enable simultaneous recording and live view across multiple displays in high-definition.

James Weatherhead, President of EyeTracking Inc. said: “We’re delighted to partner with Seeing Machines to continue serving our customers with the latest generation technology platform. It’s truly exciting to think about the potential future breakthroughs made possible with the robust eye-tracking performance that FOVIO offers.”

Ken Kroeger, CEO of Seeing Machines said: “Given the great relationship that we’ve developed with ETI, and their pioneering work in developing a robust suite of analytic tools, we’re confident that this is the right team to work with to empower the eye-tracking research community. Our entire focus is on our mission to save lives by leveraging operator monitoring technologies. Our approach is to develop strong relationships with the best companies in any market we target. EyeTracking Inc. is the right partner to build sales of our FOVIO product for the specialist research market, allowing us to focus our sales efforts on the large global markets for automotive, mining, transport and aviation applications.”

About Seeing Machines
Seeing Machines, (AIM: SEE), is an AIM-listed technology company that specialises in operator monitoring and intervention technologies and services. Its software and engineering services are used in products and applications that range from devices that improve driver safety and save lives to assessing trainees in simulators and simplifying the relationships between people and technology. Seeing Machines technology is used worldwide across the automotive, mining, transport and aviation industries; as well as many of the leading academic research groups and transportation authorities. Seeing Machines is headquartered in Australia, and has offices in Tucson, Arizona and Mountain View, California. The Company counts Caterpillar and EyeTracking Inc. as its partners and BHP Billiton, Freeport McMoran, Teck and Toll Holdings amongst its customers.

About EyeTracking, Inc.
EyeTracking Inc., founded by Dr. Sandra Marshall and several colleagues from the Cognitive Ergonomics Research Facility at San Diego State University, emerged from two decades of federally funded research in cognition and assessment. Revolutionary methods were developed to accommodate the needs of the US Department of Defense. In February of 1999 EyeTracking Inc. was established to offer the same technology and expertise to the commercial sector. EyeTracking Inc. is a leading provider of eye tracking services, software and expertise. It offers full-service marketing research and usability testing, and bespoke development of eye-tracking solutions. EyeTracking Inc. counts Boeing – Phantom works, DARPA, Lockheed Martin, NASA, MSN, and FAA amongst its customers.