Complex environments need more than one screen.

EyeTracking’s powerful software addresses the important need to be able to record eye tracking data across multiple screens or a variety of modalities simultaneously.

Multiple Displays are common in advanced systems, such as those used in the defense, medical, automotive and aerospace sectors. Real-time recordings of all displays give a greater understanding of the user’s context for decision making.

Multi-display module gaze map when driving

Your eyes aren’t confined to a single monitor, why should your eye tracking be?

The Multi-Display Module for EyeWorks enables you to track across multiple “out of the window channels” or heads up/down displays in your high fidelity simulator or track side by side displays for complex work environments. Its easy and seamless.

remote viewing

Live video and audio recording

Multiple displays can be recorded in High Definition (HD) and viewed simultaneously, providing researchers the ability to observe key events as they happen.


Synchronized Video

All video feeds are synchronized, with each one recorded to its own high-quality video file. Use EyeWorks Premier to playback all files simultaneously for off-line analysis.


High-Quality Video Codecs

You can record higher quality data for longer recording sessions while maintaining maximum quality and reduced file sizes.


Common Analysis Platform

All data can be loaded into EyeWorks Premier to utilize the same powerful analysis, visualization, and statistical features that are available for analysis of a single display.


Compatibility with Workload Module

You can obtain real-time monitoring of point-of-gaze and measures of cognitive workload as the subject works back and forth across multiple eye-tracked displays (requires the EyeWorks™ Workload Module).


Simultaneous Multiple Scene Cameras

Record data from multiple scene cameras simultaneously, or use combinations of monitor, projector, and scene camera video feeds when used with the EyeWorks™ Scene Camera Module.


SDK for 3rd party applications

Integrate real-time data from all displays with 3rd party data using the simple-to-use AppConnect SDK (included with EyeWorks™ Pro and Premier).

Record simultaneously from all monitors

Unlike data recordings from head-mounted systems (such as glasses), our Multi-Display Module keeps track and records all monitors and displays, whether the viewer looks at them or not. See what’s going on all the time– even if the viewer missed it.

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