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EyeTracking, Inc. Finalist for “Most Innovative New Product” Award

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San Diego Technology and Life Science Companies Continue to Demonstrate Excellence in Creative Applications and Product Development

SAN DIEGO (October 7, 2005) – CONNECT today announced the finalists for the 18th annual Most Innovative New Product (MIP) Awards, reinforcing the region’s reputation as a leader in innovative technologies and creative product development.

Products highlighted by this year’s cadre of nominees ranged from innovations in video surveillance technology to medical advances in the treatment of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. The 24 finalists were selected from more than 80 entries representing a diverse range of companies.

The finalists were honored October 6 at a reception held at La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla. Winners will be announced at the MIP Awards Luncheon to be held Friday, December 9th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Hilton Torrey Pines Hotel.

“After 18 years, the MIP competition continues to highlight the strength and importance of emerging technologies and their impact on the San Diego region,” said Duane Roth, chief executive officer of CONNECT. “San Diego-based companies are at the forefront of innovation, fueling San Diego’s economy and establishing the region as a national leader in technology and life sciences.”

Since 1988, the CONNECT MIP Awards program has served as a benchmark for predicting the region’s most successful emerging technologies. From early stage biotechnology companies to the first products generated by the region’s telecommunications boom, the awards program has been an indicator of the industries and technologies that have stimulated the San Diego economy.

The 2005 MIP Award finalists are:

Biotechnology R&D
Arena Pharmaceuticals for APD356 — Currently in Phase 2b clinical trial, APD356 is a novel and selective 5-HT2C receptor agonist to treat obesity. Currently there are only two drugs approved by the FDA for long-term use to treat obesity – both are limited by side effects. It is believed APD356 will allow clinically meaningful weight loss without serious side effects for the more than two-thirds of Americans estimated to be overweight.

NovaCardia, Inc. for KW-3902 — KW-3902 is a proprietary compound in Phase 2 development for the treatment of congestive heart failure (CHF) patients undergoing diuresis. Current CHF therapies have numerous limitations and side effects, particularly in patients with renal dysfunction. KW-3902 is designed to enhance diuresis while at the same time preserving renal function. If approved, it will represent a major breakthrough in the treatment of CHF patients.

Vital Therapies, Inc. for ELAD — Extracorporeal Liver Assist Device (ELAD®) is the first human liver cell-based device that augments the metabolic functions of a patient’s liver. Unlike competitive artificial filtration systems which simply remove toxins, the EALD system both metabolizes toxins and provides synthetic function, producing many of the proteins that are key products of liver function.

Communications Technology
AIRSIS, Inc. for Translator Monitor 2000 — Translator Monitor 2000 allows broadcast engineers to monitor and control remote broadcast translators and transmitters 7 x 24 via satellite and the Internet. From a desktop, at home or on the road, networks can monitor alerts of impending failures or user-defined thresholds.

CommASIC for Wireless Broadband Signal Processor — Wireless Broadband Signal Processor (WBSP™) is a revolutionary new technology specifically developed for multi-mode broadband applications. This innovative architecture surpasses conventional digital signal processors (DSP) and application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) methods in power efficiency, cost (i.e. die size), and performance characteristics.

Kiyon, Inc. for Kiyon Autonomic Networking (KAN) Software — Autonomic Networking (KAN) Software provides a multi-fold bandwidth increase in radio networks and eliminates dead spots, collisions, multi-path fading, and other issues that plague all current wireless offerings.

General Technology
DigiVision, Inc. for RazorVision Video Enhancement Cable — The RazorVision Video Enhancement Cable will cost-effectively allow millions of people to dramatically improve their television viewing pleasure. The cable easily connects between the video source (DVD, cable box) and the display. The image enhancement cable significantly improves clarity, sharpness, and contrast on any NTSC/PAL or HDTV signal and works equally well on CRT, Plasma, LCD, or projection televisions.

EyeTracking, Inc. for Cognitive State Assessment — Cognitive State Assessment (CSA) technology combines measurements of a person’s eye movements with advanced pupil-based metrics to determine an individual’s cognitive state at any given moment in time. Output of cognitive state estimation (i.e. drowsy, overloaded, concentrating, etc.) is generated and can be provided to systems to allow real-time operator state monitoring or to facilitate development of new technologies that adapt to user needs.

GenVault Corporation for GenCode — GenCode is a highly unique, flexible DNA-based sample tracking method developed as a key component of GenVault’s room-temperature archival system for biological samples. As a mixture of five synthetic DNA sets that differ in length and are embedded directly within the sample storage media, GenCode virtually eliminates sample mix-ups caused by the mislabeling or mishandling of samples.

Akonix Systems, Inc. for Akonix L7 CM5000 Appliance — The Akonix L7 CM5000 Appliance delivers an all-in-one solution for Instant Messaging (IM) management, compliance, and security. The Appliance runs on a hardened operating system and comes pre-loaded with award-winning Akonix L7 Enterprise and Akonix L7 Enforcer software, and is pre-configured for instant deployment.

AwarePoint Corporation for AwarePoint Indoor Positioning System — An active RFID system that tracks equipment and people inside buildings, the AwarePoint Indoor Positioning System consists of wireless receivers, small battery-powered tags, and software. The receivers form a wireless mesh network that bridge at one point to the corporate wired network.

Overland Storage for Overland Storage® REO 9000™ with Protection OS™ — The REO 9000 is a high-capacity disk-based backup and recovery appliance that achieves disk-speed data recovery, shortens backup windows, and dramatically improves the reliability of backup operations.

Life Sciences – Medical Devices & Diagnostics
Biosite Inc. for Triage® Stroke Panel — A rapid blood test intended to aid in the assessment and diagnosis of stroke, the Triage Stroke Panel is the first commercialized test to incorporate the Biosite’s proprietary MultiMarker Index (MMX) feature that analyzes information from multiple biomarkers and presents a single composite index result.

GeneOhm Sciences, Inc. for IDI-MRSA — IDI-MRSA is the only rapid diagnostic product cleared by FDA to detect MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus — the antibiotic-resistant flesh-eating bacteria). IDI-MRSA generates a result in less than two hours, compared to competitive products that require 24-48 hours.

Yulex Corporation for Yulex™ — Yulex latex is naturally free of the dangerous proteins that cause tropical latex allergy, a major health and safety issue for health-care workers and patients. Yulex is for use in medical and specialty consumer products such as gloves, catheters, and condoms.

Life Sciences – Therapeutics
Amylin Pharmaceuticals for BYETTA — BYETTA (pronounced bye-A-tuh) was approved this year by FDA for the treatment of type 2 diabetics who are unsuccessful at managing their disease with common oral medications. BYETTA is the first in a new class of medicines known as incretin mimetics.

Amylin Pharmaceuticals for SYMLIN — SYMLIN® (pramlintide acetate) injection, approved by the FDA in March 2005, is the first non-insulin therapy to be approved for type 1 diabetes in 80 years. SYMLIN, a self-administered injection for diabetics taking insulin treatment, is taken prior to meals to help achieve lower blood glucose, leading to less fluctuation during the day and to better long-term glucose control compared with patients taking insulin alone.

Security Technology
Avaak, Inc. for AV-18, AV-20 — Featuring the smallest integrated wireless camera available in the market, the AV-18 is a self-contained, autonomous, wireless video sensor platform, comprised of a digital video imager camera, radio, controller, antenna, and battery.

Pacific Microwave Research, Inc. for Tactical Video Transmitter Model DT-200 — A compact digital microwave transmitter that provides high-quality short-range encrypted video, audio, and data communications to first responders and other front-line public safety personnel involved in situation assessment, search and rescue, incident response and crisis management activities.

Pixon LLC for PixonVision PV-200 — The PixonVision PV-200 is a real-time video processor jointly developed by Pixon LLC and DigiVision, Inc. The Quick Pixon processor boosts video resolution by up to 2 times and decreases noise by up to 6 times, while DigiVision’s contrast enhancement processor increases local contrast by up to 8 times.

Sago Systems, Inc. for Sago™ ST-150 — A passive millimeter-wave camera used for security applications, the system is a stand-off detector that can be deployed at mobile checkpoints and building entrances, as a perimeter security device or covert contraband detection system. It can detect explosives, guns, and other weapons through clothing.

Cerebra for Cerebra Server – Cerebra’s innovation delivers the Enterprise Semantic Web by integrating businesses at the semantic, not data, level; dramatically reducing cost, and making enterprises far more adaptive to change.

Fair Isaac Corporation for Network Assurance Analytics — The Fair Isaac Network Assurance Analytics (NAA) software solution proactively monitors, detects, and reacts to network threatening events such as network failure, intrusion, abuse, and network quality issues. Utilizing a combination of profiles, neural network models, and rules to predict network threatening events, NAA provides a significant tool for network analysts monitoring networks for performance problems.

Veoh Networks, Inc. for Veoh — Veoh is the first Internet television peercasting network taking advantage of broadband Internet connections to deliver TV-grade video programming directly from producers to consumers. Veoh allows anyone with a PC/Mac and a broadband internet connection to broadcast a television show, or a channel full of shows, and allows consumers to easily find video programming on the Internet.

CONNECT is a technology business accelerator, originally founded by the University of California, San Diego, dedicated to the creation and sustained growth of innovative, science-based companies whose development will contribute to the prosperity and global position of the San Diego region. Focused on assisting growth companies in the San Diego region, CONNECT has been directly involved with over 900 companies since its inception in 1985, helping them raise over $11B in capital. CONNECT’s programs also help business service providers, attorneys, accountants, bankers, investors, and marketing professionals with the knowledge about emerging technologies and access to new business opportunities. CONNECT is entirely self-supporting and receives no funding from the University or the State of California. It is supported by membership dues, course fees, and corporate underwriting for specific programs.

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