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EyeTracking Inc. analyses prompt CNET DL Redesign, results in Substantial ROI

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San Diego, CA – June 7, 2004 – At a recent Web Analytics Conference in Las Vegas, CNET Networks presented the results of the CNET Digital Living launch and redesign efforts. In October, 2003, CNET launched an exciting new feature called Digital Living, allowing users to explore new digital products, recommended by unbiased experts, in virtual home settings. This format allows users to see how products work in home environments and gets users introduced to new products.

Shortly after launch, CNET commissioned EyeTracking, Inc. to conduct an evaluation of user engagement with the Digital Living feature. The evaluation included questionnaires, interviews, and eye-tracking. EyeTracking, Inc. recorded and analyzed user eye movements as they engaged with Digital Living, to see exactly where each user looked on the screen at any given time. The analyses provided critical information as to what users attended to, what they ignored, and where they got confused. Combined with subjective measures, the outcome provided CNET with valuable information about the quantity and quality of user engagement.

Overall the results indicated positive user experience with CNET Digital Living. Nonetheless, the eye-tracking analyses highlighted several important usability issues, identifying components that could benefit from redesign. CNET quickly implemented these changes with great success, launching a new and improved Digital Living.

Follow-up studies by CNET indicate a significantly positive impact of the redesign. Click-through rates within DL and time on site increased significantly. Click-through to DL sections and, most importantly, clicks to commerce sites from Digital Living increased substantially as well.

“[EyeTracking, Inc.] did a phenomenal job on this project!  We’re very happy with the overall quality of the project work as well as the report and deliverables,” commented Jessica Lillie, AVP, Research & Business Intelligence, at CNET Networks.

For more information about the eye-tracking analytics, please visit and select Consumer Research.

EyeTracking, Inc. is a San Diego, California company that delivers high quality eye-tracking services for commercial, government and military applications. Using patented methodologies, EyeTracking, Inc. integrates point-of-gaze metrics with new pupil-derived estimates of mental effort to determine where people look, what holds their attention, and the level of cognitive processing that occurs. Services include assistance in evaluating new software, comparing designs, and studying complex human computer interaction with critical systems.

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